Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jenny's Pledge

This is the pledge I placed on my blog last October. I am making one addition to that pledge (in kelly green) because, after several months of compacting I realized that completely avoiding buying new is a bit like throwing the baby out with the bath water since artisans and crafters need our support too, so I'm amending my pledge to allow purchase of hand-made goods straight from the artist.

Here's My Compact:

  • No buying new items excluding health, safety, consumables and "second hand new" items.
  • Only buy what's necessary.
  • Borrow or barter before buying used, if possible.
  • Raw materials such as vegetable butters, essential oils, salts and the like are exempt when used for making personal care and cleaning products.
  • Craft items are exempt if I cannot find the item used such as needles, embroidery wool, quilt batting, or spools of thread but I must go through borrow, barter, used and "second hand new" channels before purchasing new.
  • No hoarding allowed.
  • Handmade goods, purchased directly from the artist, are exempt from the compact because we must support individual artists when and where we can.

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