Sunday, March 2, 2008

February progress report

Happy leap month! February was a good Compacting month. With the exception of the yogurt maker, there were no new purchases in this Compacting house.

We just got back from a week in Ohio (we live in Michigan) visiting family. Our niece turned four while we were there and her gift was a Compacting success story!

How many times can I say Compacting in this post?? Ahem... anyway.

Take one $10.90 thrift store table and chair set, one 99¢ thrift store table cloth and what do you get? A funky table and chairs just made for a 4 year old!


How is everyone else doing?


Jenny said...

The difference is astonishing and it's so darn cute! It's really perfect.

Krista said...

Thanks Jenny. She loved it. I have had such luck with finding the perfect gifts for the nieces at the thrift store.