Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Near Oops!

I nearly lost it the other night if it weren't for my husband. I had actually already completed the transaction when my husband talked me into calling Old Navy to cancel my $300 order of new clothing.

It's tough. My biggest issue is not the miscellaneous stuff, but clothing specifically. Clothing of a decent quality and attractive cut is difficult to find here. Sure, we have a handful of thrift stores that I frequent quite often, but little of that clothing is work-appropriate and most of that clothing is better suited for jog-suit loving old ladies, cleavage revealing teenagers or would-be lumberjacks. I can't say I fit into any of those categories.

So, down to two grey cashmere sweaters I purchased secondhand and a thrifted flannel skirt (don't even get me started on the underwear issue--suffice to say that the days of matching lacy bras and panties disappeared during the first few weeks of nursing), I loaded up my cart on Old Navy's website forgetting that it was a GAP, Inc Company not, of course, that I should be purchasing new items anyway.

It's just hard to feel so blah all the time, and it's not particularly easy to dress well while observing the rules of the compact. Of course, if it weren't for work I'd be happy in yoga pants and tank tops but such a wardrobe won't get me too far in the office.

After my husband's goading, and an unreasonably nasty response from me, I called Old Navy and cancelled the order. Instead, I purchased some handmade clothing on Etsy. So it's saved, sort of. Sure, the shirts and skirts and underwear I purchased on Etsy are technically "new" but they're made by artists who are paid for the work they do and it's precisely the artists and craftspersons that we should be supporting.

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