Saturday, July 12, 2008


Yesterday I had to break the compact - and I am so happy about it. I have lost 2 pants sizes and 1 shirt size, and had just a few things that fit me right. It happened so quickly that I didn't have time to find clothes at the thrift store. I ended up having to buy new shirts and shorts and capris... but it was all on sale, so I spent right around $50. (4 shirts @$7 each, 1 pair of capris @$12 and 1 pair of shorts @$9.)

Now I am going to start keeping a stash of smaller clothes from the thrift store and freecycling them when I am out of them.

Not a bad problem to have, I suppose.

Other than that, we have been a compacting away with our bad selves.

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Anonymous said...

A thought: Every Year I have a clothing swap party for my girlfriends of all sizes. Everyone brings clothes that don't fit or that they are tired of. An idea for getting "new" to you clothes.