Saturday, July 12, 2008

Half way there...

The end of June marked our halfway point and I forgot to blog about it!

Things haven't changed much for us because we never did much shopping, and always looked for used before resorting to buying new. In fact, The Compact has made it a little easier because now I have a reason to give people instead of just being the crazy person who never buys new. I think the fact that being green is the new thing (we are a little slow here in Michigan) makes it easier, too.

One thing I am learning to do it think ahead. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I know that my kids are going to out grow their clothes, so I am always checking for the next few sizes at the thrift store. I know that we will always need pens and pencils, so I pick them up when I see them at yard sales - even if we have some at home. I know that eventually our couch repairs won't work and it will need to be replaced, so I am on the look out for a good quality replacement.

Thinking ahead allows you time to find what really fills your need, instead of having to settle - or worse, run to Wal-Mart - because you are sitting on the floor or flashing the neighbors!

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