Wednesday, July 16, 2008

NOT doing great on the Compact

Haven't exactly been going on shopping sprees, but... with stressing out with house-hunting, have kinda let the Compact slide. I need to re-assert myself TO myself, and restate my purpose with the compact, or officially put the Compact on hiatus until the move is done and over with.

I think the best option right at the moment is to officially put the Compact on hiatus until the move is done. Because with the fear that we're not going to have a house to move to, yeah.... I'm doing ok on keeping it to shopping second hand (Value Village and Goodwill are my friends right now. LOL)

I WILL be back on track, and soon!


meredith said...

I feel the same, but I am not even moving! I think the hardest part is staying on track for a lifetime. I am doing with my 2-month commitment, but I want to make compacting a life change...i am not sure how to define it or what it looks like!

LRmom said...

It is so hard when you are surrounded by a consuming megacommunity like US. I find it hard to stop myself; when I am trying to get a better way of life for my kids, to not buy better more economically safe for both environment and kids. Yet, I have to spend money to get it. I try to stay with free trade/fair trade companies if I need to buy stuff.

Vicious cycle and to top it off, when the girls have money to spend I tend to go towards Dollar Stores...not good stuff, going to last and from CHina!! I am working towards a better tomorrow, one day at a time!!?